Downland Practice COVID-19 FAQs


Is the practice still open?

For information on opening hours and The Downland Practice response to COVID-19, please see our daily update.

Should I still bring my child for their routine childhood immunisations?

For your child’s health and wellbeing, it is important that childhood immunisations are not missed. If your child is due routine immunisations, you will be sent an invitation letter with an appointment date and time, and further information. If you have been sent an appointment that you are unable to attend, please notify our team in advance. If you have any queries, please ask the nurse via the website.

My hospital appointment has been cancelled/postponed. What should I do?

If you have any questions regarding an upcoming booked hospital appointment, please contact the relevant hospital directly.

Can I send a photograph of my symptoms to the GP?

If you need advice from a GP, you must call the practice to arrange a telephone appointment. If you are able to take a photograph of your symptoms, our team will explain at point of booking how to send this to us. Please note that GPs cannot advise on symptoms without a booked telephone appointment.

How can I access medical help if I am staying out of the area?

If you are usually registered with The Downland Practice but are currently staying out of the area, you should register with your local GP surgery so you can access GP help and/or a prescription should you need it.

Can I register temporarily with the practice?

If you are currently staying within our catchment area, please see our registration page.

Can I have a flu vaccination?

The practice will soon be preparing for flu season. If you are eligible for a flu vaccination, you will be invited in due course. Our teams will not yet be able to give you any further information. Please check our website for further updates on this in the coming months.


Is private (non-NHS) work still being carried out?

Requests for non-NHS services (requests for medical records/medicals etc) will be dealt with once the surgery is able to return to normal service.

How can I get a sick note for work?

If you have symptoms of coronavirus or live with someone who has symptoms of coronavirus, you can obtain a note for your employer directly from NHS 111. If you require a sick note for an ongoing (non-coronavirus related) condition, please request a sick note online.

Prescriptions and medication

How can I order my repeat prescription?

  • Online at Patient Access or via the website
  • By email to
  • By posting your repeat slip to the practice

When will my prescription be ready to collect?

If you have requested a prescription, it will be ready to collect after 4 working days. Please do not call to check the status of your request.

Can I order more than 1 month’s worth of medication?

Repeat medication requests will only be issued for 1 month at a time due to supply concerns.

Can I have my medication delivered?

You should arrange collection of your medication as normal. If you are unable to leave your home (including for work, shopping, or medical appointments) and do not have a trusted friend, neighbour, or family member who can collect your medication for you, you may be eligible for home delivery. Please click HERE for information on how to access this service.

Our delivery volunteers will only attempt to deliver your medication once. If you are not in to accept the delivery, we will assume that you are no longer isolating in your home and will remove you from the delivery list. Please note that you must accept receipt of medication in person; our volunteers are not permitted to leave medication on your doorstep or post it through your letterbox.

If you have been receiving home delivery and no longer require it or are no longer self-isolating, please notify us ASAP to allow us to continue prioritising delivery to our most vulnerable patients.

My medication review is due/overdue. What should I do?

Our Clinical Pharmacist is now managing routine medication reviews and will work closely and discuss your case with your GP. If your medication is due or overdue, please call our team on 01635 248251 option 1 to book a telephone appointment.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Can I go back to work?

Government guidance for employees and employers is available HERE. If you need individual medical advice from a GP regarding returning to work, please send the GP a message via the website.

Where can I get a test for COVID-19?

For information on COVID-19 testing, please visit COVID-19 testing is not currently being carried out at the practice.

Can I be added to a waiting list for a COVID-19 vaccination?

No. We currently do not have any information on a COVID-19 vaccine and are therefore not running a waiting list for this.

What should I do if I have/have not received an NHS ‘At-Risk’ (“Shielding”) letter?

Letters are being sent to those at the highest risk. Please follow the guidance in the letter; you do not need to call the practice. More information for vulnerable patients is available in our website COVID-19 Support Room. If you have not received a letter and feel you should have done, please send your GP a message.

Where can I get further help and advice during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our website is currently being updated on a daily basis. Please also see our COVID-19 Support Room, and the practice news items for the latest updates, and further help, advice, and resources.


On behalf of the GP Partners at the Downland Practice, thank you for your patience.